Len-Co Lumber Policy Disclaimer
·        The policies stated within are for use by Len-Co Lumber.  
·        These policies are subject to change at any time without written notice.  
·        All final interpretations of the policies stated within are at the discretion of Len-Co Lumber.
                                  ***Len-Co Lumber Delivery Policy***

Our flagship store is located in Buffalo, New York
Local delivery rates are a flat-rate for any size load, and based on the town the load is sent to.
Example: Buffalo, NY = $49.00 flat-rate for any size load    

Towns or cities that are not listed with a rate on our website = Variable rate based on mileage and type of product
to be shipped.

We will ship almost anywhere via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and outside trucking services as needed!

When you place your order online, Len-Co Lumber’s sales department will call you with a rate for delivery before
finalizing the order.

Explanation of our standard local delivery service:

The standard delivery rate provides delivery to the job-site on a delivery day agreed upon by the customer and
salesperson at the time of sale.  Available delivery days vary depending on the location (we deliver to certain
towns on certain days) and number of deliveries already booked for a given day.
Our cut-off time to book a
standard delivery for the next available business day is 2pm the day prior.
 Standard delivery can occur any time
on the given delivery day; an “estimated delivery window of time” will be provided the day prior to the delivery via
phone call to the contact number provided for the delivery
at the time of sale.  This window of time is only an
estimate, and subject to change.  It is the responsibility of the
customer to receive and sign for the delivery.  If no
one is present at the job-site, our driver will make a decision on whether to leave the load, and where.  Standard
delivery is to the curb only, and will be unloaded
by our driver provided there are safe conditions.  Any deliveries
brought back to Len-Co will not have delivery charge refunded, and may be subject to an additional handling
charge on the materials.

Additional local delivery services:

AM Delivery service: Rate = $35.00
This service provides delivery between 8am & 1pm.

PM Delivery service: Rate = $35.00
This service provides delivery bewteen 1pm & Close

All additional local delivery services are added to standard delivery to arrive at the total cost.
Example: Buffalo delivery ($49.00) with an AM specification ($35.00) = $84.00 total cost

                   ***Plan ahead and save big with Len-Co’s standard delivery service!!!